UCCN1004 Data Communications & Networking

The Definitive List to All the Materials You Need to Get an A

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Lecture 1 — Welcome to the Internet

Part 1: Welcome to the Internet (Concept Video)

Part 2: Types of Network Devices

Part 3: [Labs] Port Scanning with Nmap

Lecture 2 — Network Addressing

Part 1: Introduction to Network Addressing

Part 2: Static IP vs Dynamic IP

Part 3: Private IP vs Public IP

Part 4: IP subnet rules

Part 4: Complete guide on Dynamic Host Configurations Protocol (DHCP)

Part 5: [Labs] Configuring DHCP server on Cisco Router

Part 6: DNS

Part 7:

Part 8: [Labs] Introduction to Packet Tracer and Cisco CLI

Part 9: [Labs] Building a simple Local Area Network (LAN)

Lecture 3 — Network Routing

Part 1: The Intuition of Network Routing

Part 2: When to configure Routing?

Part 3: Distance Vector vs Link State Routing Protocols

Part 4: Static Routing vs Dynamic Routing

Part 5: Understanding Routing Table

Part 6: Configuring Simple Static Route

Part 7: Configuring Complex Static Route

Part 8: Configuring Dynamic Route (RIPv1)

Part 9: Configuring Default Route

Lecture 4 — Virtual Network (VLAN)

Part 1: Tidying up the network with Avocado

Part 2: The power of ONE cable to rule them all (VLAN)

Part 3: Why do we need VLAN?

Part 4: Different modes of VLAN — Trunk and Access Mode

Part 5: [Labs] How to configure VLAN on Cisco’s Managed Switch

Part 6: [Labs] How to configure VLAN spanning

Part 7: [Labs] How to configure Dot1Q for Inter-VLAN Routing

Part 8: Virtual Trunking Protocol

Part 9: Dynamic Trunking Protocol

Lecture 5 — Access-Control List (ACL)

Part 1: Who can you trust on the network?

Part 2: The red team and the blue team — choose your side

Part 3: Dealing with external attackers with ACL

Part 4: The blind spot — ACL cannot detect internal rogue host

Part 5: Man in the Middle Attacks

Part 6: White-List vs Black-List Approach

Part 7: Access Control at Host Level

Part 8: Access Control at Application Level

Part 9: [Labs] Configuring Standard ACL

Part 10: [Labs] Configuring Extended ACL

Part 11: [Labs] Configuring Named ACL

Part 12: Future Proofing your ACL design

Lecture 6 — The Internet Model

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