Remote Login with SSH

Now everyone can work from home, securely (Part2/3)


Remote Login using TELNET

Secure Shell (SSH)

SSH_client → SSH server communicates back and forth to exchange important information to setup a secure remote connection

SSH vs TELNET (in context of network security)

SSH encrypts message to a cipher form that is not recognisable even if the packets are intercepted

How to use SSH

Avocado working from home in Penang. He needs to connect to the server in Kampar. (Zoom to enlarge)
Remote login using SSH

Understanding SSH prompts

The screen on SSH_client after successful login
SSH commands on a Linux-based server (source)
‘netstat -b’
shows all the active ports that are opened in the client machine

A socket is a combination of {IP:Port} to indicate a network connection

Netstat is a network command to check for all active TCP/UDP ports on a machine

Packet Analysis (TELNET vs SSH)

TELNET sends username and password in plaintext which can be recovered using a network sniffer
SSH encrypts data using cryptographic keys. Only the sender and receiver can unpack the packet to see the packet contents. The GIF shows the payload is not recoverable in Wireshark as they are currently encrypted

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